Pensions & Retirement Options

Do you understand how a pension works and the tax benefits?

Encouraging people to save for the longer term requires a greater understanding of the pension investment vehicles that are available; there are many different approaches to saving for retirement that may or may not include a pension plan. It is important to recognise that a pension is an investment ‘wrapper’ with specific (tax and access) rules.

When did you last review your pension?

It is highly recommended that you regularly review your pension to take account of changes in legislation, your attitude to risk and your personal circumstances.

If you have any retained pension benefits from any previous jobs, it might be in your interest to review what you have.

Do you know how many options there are when you take your pension benefits?

There is now a wide range of retirement options; one solution might be right for you or a number of separate solutions (brought together) may be the best option for you.

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