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Are you investing with a specific objective? Are you a trustee investor?

Are you investing with a specific objective?

If you are looking for superior investment returns compared to holding money in a deposit-based account history has shown that asset-backed investments (such as equities, property and fixed-interest investments) have produced higher returns over the medium to longer term, although they are not free from risk.

To protect the purchasing power of your money, your investment growth should be at least equal to the rate of inflation.

Different types of investments perform in different ways; combining different types of investments in a portfolio (or investment product) can help to even-out the risks associated with holding only one investment type.

Do you need to meet future school fees, help someone with a deposit to buy their first home or are you simply looking to build-up your savings for the longer-term?

For the majority of investors, the first consideration would be to take advantage of a tax-privileged environment for their savings. Popular choices include Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and National Savings products. However, the investment vehicle should be the right one for you so don’t let the ‘tax-tail wag the dog’.

Are you a trustee investor?

Trustees have a legal requirement to have an understanding of the latest Trustee Act. The failure to effectively administer a trust could create a breach of the trust; if this occurs the beneficiaries could take legal action against the trustees and seek financial compensation. Typical breaches include: –

  • Poor administration of the trust that results in financial loss to the trust and beneficiaries
  • Unequal treatment of different classes of beneficiaries
  • Making unsuitable investment decisions that could be challenged by the beneficiaries

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